Cox in Krakow

I severely underestimated how much time I thought I would want in Krakow. This city is stunning and has so much character.

I am staying in Old Town and it is so beautiful. I had dinner on my first night there by literally pointing at things and hoping for the best and then I ate it overlooking a massive statue and a massive church – so freaking cool.

That night I joined another walking tour – this time on Macabre Krakow. It started after dark and hearing all the spooky stories in the older part of the city gave me goosebumps.

(I also got fake beheaded so that was pretty neat)

These walking tours are the best because you learn an incredible amount of information and it’s also a great way to meet other solo travellers. I hit it off last night with a lovely lady from Australia and we went for beers. It’s always interesting when you’re a little drunk trying to make your way home in a foreign city (sorry mom). Polish beer is delicious and dangerous.

The main reason for my visit to Krakow was to tour Auschwitz. I signed up in advance for a guided tour with a group so that I wouldn’t have to be on the grounds alone.

It is a trek from Krakow (2.5 hours each way total travel time) but it was fairly easy to get to. However, I would recommend doing one of the bus tours that runs directly there and back because then you won’t be stuck at the train station after dark where all the announcements are in Polish!

It was raining (of course) which made it spooky to walk up to. The tour is 3.5 hours in length and is simultaneously fascinating and horrifying. It is a very deeply unsettling place to come visit but it is incredibly important that this dark past is recognized and remembered. I would recommend it to everyone who happens to be in or around Poland.

Being classic Sam, I got lost on my way home and not having wifi or data (a complete nightmare), I called my parents who are currently 7000km away in Manitoulin currently. I got home after hopping in a cab but it is no fun to be soaking wet and cold in a new city.

Krakow was a fun city and I can’t wait to come back and learn more about it in the future.

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