Cox in Vienna

I had such good intentions about writing this on my bus to Budapest but alas, here I am in Budapest planning the next stop on my adventure and writing this blog post.

I loved Vienna. It was a beautiful city with lots of good eats and lots of history to learn about (s/o to Christian for his recommendations for what I had to do).

After travelling from Krakow and getting to my AirBnB (a true blessing to have my own room for a few nights after sharing with 7 to 15 people since the start of my trip), in classic Sam fashion I passed right out. That first night there I really only managed to get out to explore the neighbourhood I was staying in to get beer and snacks (#priorities). The neighbourhood I was in was outside of the typical tourist zone and was really nice with lots of cute cafes to sit in.

I had the best sleep I’ve had since leaving Canada that night and had a chance to enjoy a proper shower and get caught up on laundry which was awesome.

On Friday I decided to properly adventure and started my day with a walk to the Schöbrunn Palace. The palace is beyond stunning and the grounds were incredible. While I didn’t tour the inside, I did take a cute little train all around the grounds (this was necessary because the grounds are an impressive 435 acres!). This allowed me to see the palace from all angles and get a birds eye view of Vienna.

After leaving the palace grounds and grabbing lunch I took the metro out to Prater to take a look at the amusement park and ride the Wiener Riesenard Ferris Wheel. This is the oldest amusement park in the world and it did not disappoint.

The Ferris wheel provided beautiful panoramic views of the city and was well worth the price to ride!

After getting off the wheel, I explored the park some more to see what other rides were out there. The grounds of the park itself were free but you had to pay to get on each ride. The rides themselves reminded me of a smaller Canada’s Wonderland with less safety regulations that at home.

The rides were a blast – this was probably the best night of my travels so far!

The next day I didn’t have many plans except to try Sachertorte and join a walking tour on Hitler’s Vienna. I ended up having the cake for breakfast like the proper adult I am and it was delicious. I am a sucker for baked goods of any kind.

The walking tour was amazing and so interesting. Vienna has such a rich history and this was easily the best walking tour I have been on to date. We also got incredibly close to the Austrian PM (who travels with way less security in comparison to back home).

(The art school Hitler was rejected from)

(I literally could have walked up and tapped him on the shoulder) After leaving the tour I headed to check out St. Stephen’s Cathedral and head up one of the towers to see what kind of views it offered. The cathedral itself is stunning both inside and out. It’s also so massive that it’s nearly impossible to get a photo of the entire building.

However, the views from the top of the north tower really took the cake. The roof itself is beautiful in colourful ceramic and the views of the city are just incredible.

After leaving the cathedral it started to rain (of course) so I headed to grab dinner and figure out my plans for my ~wild~ Saturday night.

I had schnitzel for dinner and it was incredible.

I then headed to the only museum open late on Saturday and went on my way to the Haus of Musik which was a wicked time. It’s a completely interactive museum and I felt like a kid on Christmas running around to play with everything I could!

I called it an early night after the museum so I could prepare to head to Budapest via bus the next day where I now am.

I had a wonderful time in Vienna and I’m already looking forward to my next trip here. I know I say that every post but it’s hard to get a true feel for a city when you’re only there for a short period of time.

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