Cox in Zagreb

Zagreb was my sixth city in three weeks and also only the second time I’ve had my passport looked at since arriving in Europe which is beyond wild to me.

Beyond falling down the stairs at my hostel (not once, but twice) it was literally the perfect place to stay in Zagreb. It had such a chill vibe and attracted lots of really cool people.

After dying in bed for a while with my new beautiful bruises, I set out to try and see some of the town that evening before it got dark.

I ended up just walking down to the main square and around there to check out the market before heading back to the hostel. We had a bit of a night with some rowdy beer pong games and an adventure out to the sister hostel.

I also managed to meet someone else who shares a birthday with me from the other side of the globe!

The next day I went around and saw some of the typical tourist sights including more cathedrals than I can keep up with these days and an incredibly beautiful cemetery.

On Saturday we had all been up early for the AFL final so we just had a chill day. In the afternoon we went for burgers and to check out this amazing tunnel that shows the history of Croatia through time.

On my final day, I basically just slept and got my life organized for heading south. I also made time that evening to go check out the observation tower at sunset which gave stunning views of the city.

I loved Zagreb, it was so cool and will definitely be somewhere I will be back to check out.

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