Cox in Hvar

After spending my last day in Split on the beach with all my friends, I headed out to catch the ferry across to Stari Grad on the far side of Hvar.

It was the perfect day for sailing across. I sat on the top deck and had the cool breeze from the Adriatic and the hot sun shining down on me for a relaxing two hour ferry ride.

Once I got to the port I hopped on the bus to head across the island to where I was staying. The views coming across were just absolutely incredible. I don’t think I’ve ever seen water so blue in my entire life.

After getting settled in the hostel, I met up with Christie who I had met in Split and a small group of us headed out for a walk around town to watch the sunset and grab dinner. We also headed out that night to check out what Hvar’s nightlife had to offer.

The next day I got up early to go and check out the town and hike up to the fortress. It was such a beautiful day and the views from the top were worth the scenic hike up!

After meeting up with Christie and Sam for coffee, we headed back to the hostel to get organized with our group of 10 for our boat rental.

We had such an amazing time boating around to whatever we wanted while enjoying the sun and some drinks.

It was literally the perfect weather and perfect day with an excellent group of people.

That night we came back and grabbed a quick dinner (and also ran into a musical performance) while we figured out our next day plan. A group of us (Christie, Sam, Mike, Eric, and myself) decided that we were going to head to Dubrovnik the next day to celebrate Canadian thanksgiving.

We all called it an early night with the hope that I could get us tickets on the 7:30am ferry the next day. I was literally at the office (skulking outside) at 5:55am for their opening at 6am to make sure I got the tickets for the ferry back to Split – and I got them #nailedit.

We all got our lives together and had a quick breakfast and hopped on the ferry back to Split.

It was such a quick trip to Hvar but it was so worth it (shoutout to my girl Christie for encouraging me to come)!

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