Cox in Dubrovnik

After catching the early ferry and just making the bus from Split, we headed down as a group to Dubrovnik, passing through Bosnia on our way.

We arrived in the early afternoon and after checking into our hostel we headed right for the beach. I have exactly zero complaints about spending some of Canadian thanksgiving on the beach with 25 degree weather.

After getting our fill of the beach, we attempted to take the cable car up a huge hill to watch the sunset and were thwarted by the fact it was broken.

Christie, Mike, Eric, and I then headed to this spectacular bar by the beach that was built into the cliffs to watch the sun go down over the sea. It was nice to have a beer and enjoy the last rays of sunshine. We then headed out to grab Canadian thanksgiving dinner – a not so traditional burgers and beers in old town. However untraditional, I was thankful to spending thanksgiving with my newly adopted travel family.

The next day all five of us got up early to check out the view from the city walls and feel like we were living in Game of Thrones for a day. Because we went so early we could take our time and really enjoy the views.

After grabbing some groceries and wine for a picnic, we headed across to Lokrum to spend the afternoon adventuring and swimming. It was a super cool island absolutely covered in bunnies and peacocks. It also had this wicked cool natural swimming pool filled with salt water that we never quite figured out where the source was from.

We also got to swim in the sea again and the current was incredibly powerful and water was so just so many different shades of blue.

After grabbing the ferry back across we got changed and started our trek up that aggressively large hill to watch the sunset. I only made it 3/4s of the way up because of a migraine but even the views from there were just amazing!

There’s almost nothing better than just sitting with your own thoughts and watching the sun go down.

After hiking back down in the dark we grabbed dinner in old town before another early night and another early bus.

I liked Dubrovnik and it was cool to see King’s Landing and where Game of Thrones was filmed but I am so happy I wasn’t there during peak summer season!

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