Cox in Budva

After catching yet another early bus from Dubrovnik, I think we were all about to lose our minds.

In our typical fashion we checked in, had lunch, and then headed right over to the beach.

The best part about going to the beach in October is that it’s not peak season and it’s just so quiet and peaceful.

After going back to the hostel to get changed, Christie and I headed out for a coffee and to find her some new sunnies.

We had coffee at this adorable little shop where I had a pre-dinner dessert of these amazing brownies. They were still warm and served with vanilla ice cream and they were just incredible. It was good fuel for our successful sunglasses hunt!

That evening we had a bit of a pre-drink at the hostel before going out to find dinner and some drinks. We ended up just grabbing pizza from the corner and then heading to the Irish pub where we had a discount from the hostel. It was a long but totally fun day.

After sleeping in the next day and doing some administrative life stuff, I headed out to try paragliding with Christie coming with me for moral support while the guys went fishing.

Paragliding is hands down the coolest thing I have ever done in my entire life. I was feeling mostly okay about it until they started strapping me into all the gear – then I lost all feeling in my legs. This caused me to slip when we got to the edge of the cliff (graceful as always) but everything turned out fine.

It was such an incredible experience getting to land on the beach and fly over the sea as the sun was just beginning to set. I don’t think I’ll ever be able to top how cool this was.

After we got back, we found out the guys had caught some fish and that’s what we were all going to have for dinner. We got cleaned up for one last family meal and had a really nice fish meal with good wine and some good laughs. It was an excellent last night together in Budva.

We went and had one last drink at the bar and got our asses handed to us in trivia before heading to bed.

We spent our final day driving around Montenegro and to the various national parks. It was a nice day and an easy way to see a lot of the places we wouldn’t have seen otherwise.

On their way back to Budva, I got dropped off in Podgorica where I spent my last night in Montenegro to catch my flight to Italy the next day.

The hostel I stayed at was really nice but I can’t comment on the city because I barely spent twelve hours there.

Montenegro itself was incredible and I will definitely be booking another trip back there in the future!

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