Cox in Barcelona

Barcelona is such a beautiful city and I’m sad that I didn’t get to see as much of it as I liked.

After arriving in the middle of the night from Rome I checked into my hotel for the night to get a break from sharing a room with strangers for a few hours. It was so liberating to have my own space and shower again, if only for a few hours!

The next day I took my time getting up and ready before moving to my first hostel of the week.

After checking in there, I headed out to La Rambla to get some sangria and lunch to start my trip. I had a sangria approximately the size of my head and some calamari which was delicious.

I then did some wandering and then went back to the hostel to have a nap.

When I woke up, I instantly hit it off with the three other girls in my dorm because they were all Canadians too! It was so nice to have a group of girlfriends to hangout with for my time in Barcelona!

Ashley, Alicia, Jenna, and I headed up to the rooftop terrace to get our free beer and to enjoy happy hour where a glass of sangria was only 2€ (aka very dangerous). We also are the free dinner that the hostel provided before joining in on that evening’s pub crawl. It was definitely a fun first night.

The next day was rough but I did manage to do a little bit of exploring with the the girls before heading for another nap.

That evening Alicia, Jenna, and I set out for the bunker to get some amazing 360 degree views of Spain. Unseen in the photos is the torrential downpour we got caught in on our way back down!

The next day we headed up to Park Güell and Sagreda Familia which were both incredible! We also had an amazing lunch at Tapas 24 – I highly recommend if you’re ever in the area. It’s delicious and fairly reasonably priced.

That night we also rolled up to the bar for our last night all together!

The next day I was on my own again and moving to a quieter hostel (spoiler alert: it was not quieter than the party hostel).

I also went back to Sagreda Familia to take a look inside. I unfortunately didn’t get to up the towers but the interior of the basilica blew me away!

I spent the rest of the day wandering around and then collapsed in bed with a nice combination of head cold and fever before my early morning flight the next day.

I liked Barcelona and would probably come back (when I’m healthier) to get a better feel and vibe for the city!

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