Cox in Ayamonte

There is honestly nothing better than being met by people who know you at the airport after you’ve been travelling alone for ages.

After coming down with the flu in Barcelona it was so nice to be met at the airport by my aunt and uncle and to have my own space to spread out in after so many hostels.

I spent the first day and a half there catching up on sleep I desperately needed.

After I finally felt human again, we went down to the beach to get some sun and flowers enjoy some cava. I also got to go in the Atlantic Ocean for the first time and see a jellyfish!

After leaving the beach we enjoyed some evening cocktails and watched the sun go down.

The next day, we drove up to Ayamonte and had a bit of a wander before grabbing lunch near the square.

The next day we drove down the Algarve to Cape St. Vincent – the most westerly point in mainland Europe. It is just as stunning as you can imagine. You can almost picture where all the continents used to be joined!

The next day we took the ferry across to Portugal to Villa Real to spend the day. It was such a novelty to see lemon trees in October!!

I spent my last full day here on the beach and in the ocean.

That evening we went out for some last drinks and dinner in Ayamonte.

On the way back to the airport in Faro, we stopped off for lunch in Tevira, another lovely Portuguese town.

It was so lovely to see my aunt and uncle and relax on the beach for a week. The south of Spain is stunning and I will definitely be back to stay again in the future!

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