Cox in Frankfurt

After catching an early flight from Lisbon, I went straight to my hostel in the red light district (sorry mom, I promise it was clean and safe!).

After dropping my bag, I went out to go and explore some of the city. I picked a direction to walk in and ended up walking through an amazing outdoor street food market before heading down towards the River Main.

I had a wander to Römerberg before deciding to jump on a boat cruise.

The boat cruise was fascinating and was a good chance to see a lot of more of the city than I could have hoped to cover on foot!

After that ended, I came back to the hostel to enjoy a few beers at happy hour and to meet some new friends.

The next day, Morgan, Tony, Jamie, and I decided to go out and adventure together.

We spent the day wandering about and eventually ended up at PalmenGarten which is like a not-so-secret garden in the middle of the city!

That evening we grabbed burgers around the corner for dinner and then came back to the hostel for a free beer tasting before calling it an early night for our bus to Cologne the next day!

Frankfurt was such a cool city and like nothing I ever excepted. It was such a wicked first taste of Germany!

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