Cox in Cologne

After a few beers in Frankfurt, (guten) Morgan and I agreed to meet Jamie in Cologne.

We grabbed the bus there and reunited outside an amazing cathedral.

After dropping our bags at the hostel we came back to the cathedral to take a look around inside before heading down for a beer and a boat cruise.

That night we went for (more than a) few beers across a few bars because it’s impossible to say no to German beers and curly fries.

The next day we somehow managed to get up and drag ourselves to the chocolate museum where we obviously kept going back for free samples. There was also a rooster in front of the building for reasons we couldn’t figure out.

That afternoon Morgan and I hopped on the tractor tour around the city before walking across one of the many bridges to check out the fair that was happening on the other side of the bridge.

While at the fair we obviously had to ride the Ferris wheel and get crepes.

We then made our way back across to meet Jamie for one last squad dinner.

For have exactly zero plans to go to Cologne, I have no regrets about going!

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