Cox in Munich

After missing two busses from Cologne to Munich for the first time on my trip, I got fed up and ended up catching a train into the city.

After finally getting there and getting checked in, I went down to the hostel bar to enjoy some happy hour beers before calling it an early night.

The next day I got up and joined a free walking tour where I met Courtney, a fellow Canadian and a few Aussies. After the tour we did a bit of exploring on our own and went to check out the infamous river surfers!

That evening we went to an incredible burger place, Hans im Gluck, for dinner and hit up a beer hall for some more excellent German beers.

The next day, I met up with Courtney and we headed out to check out the Munich Residence which was incredible! However, we kind of had to speed through it because it is massive and we would have needed an entire week to see everything in it.

After leaving the residence we went to a traditional Bavarian beer house for lunch before walking over to the BMW Welt and Olympic park.

On a whim we decided to go on the BMW production plant tour which was really fascinating, even being someone who knows nothing about cars. The way they do things is incredible – the amount of logic and thought that goes into their organization just blew my mind.

After leaving the tour we took a quick walk through Olympic park to check out the stadium and to see the memorials to the 1972 terrorist attacks. We also went up the Olympic tower which gave amazing views of Munich all lit up at night!

After coming back to the hostel and having a few beers at happy hour, we joined a group of our other friends and headed over to the most touristy beer hall, Hofbräuhaus (because you cannot be in Munich without going here)! The steins were huge!

The next day was the huge draw for coming to Munich and it was getting to go to Neuschwanstein – the castle that inspired Walt Disney! It was a beautiful train ride out of Munich into the countryside. They also served a beer that has been brewed there since the 1300s (it was delicious – highly recommend)!

It was a long day and we all called it an early night.

The next morning I was on my own, so I went back to Olympic park so I could get a proper look at everything in the daylight and get into the stadium for a proper tour which was wicked cool. The grounds aren’t as huge as you would expect them to be but they are beautiful and so well kept.

After leaving the park, I went and met up with a friend at the Documentation Museum to learn more about the rise of the Nazis in Germany. It was a fascinating museum but we really didn’t have enough time there – there was so much information to absorb that you would have needed at least half a day there to get through it all!

That evening we had dinner and then had a few drinks at happy hour before calling it a night.

I loved Munich a lot – and not just because of all the delicious beer I got to try!

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