Cox in Amsterdam

I apologize in advance for how boring this blog post is going to be – I was so sick while I was here that I did a whole lot of nothing.

After taking the train in from Berlin, I checked into my hostel and crawled into bed to call it an early night because I was feeling so terrible.

The next day after attempting to feed myself and finally getting to a pharmacy, I joined a free walking tour of the city.

I’m glad I did it because it’s really all I saw of the city and I got to meet some lovely new friends – Maddie, Hannah, and Jessie.

After the tour, we went for some traditional Dutch food for lunch and for a brief wander around!

I didn’t last very long and went back to the hostel to pass out again.

The next day I went to go have my photo taken with the classic cheesy sign. I was also supposed to go to the Anne Frank house and on a bike tour neither of which I made it to because I managed to get lost and was too sick to do anything.

I spent the afternoon in bed again before going to join the girls for one last dinner before we all went our separate ways. They were absolutely lovely to me and I’m so happy I met them!

I called it an early night again so that I could wake up for my early flight to Scotland the next day.

I had so many plans for Amsterdam that were thwarted by how sick I got so I will definitely be back to see this beautiful city when I am fully healthy again!

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