Cox in Glasgow

After getting so sick in Amsterdam, I basically gave up on trying to do anything and booked a flight to the UK to stay with my family.

I flew into Edinburgh and then took the train down the road to spend a few days with my aunt, Gran, and cousins.

I spent the first few days trying to get caught up on sleep and get my health back. I basically hung out with my main girl Bailey and napped.

On Monday, we had another low key day that basically consisted of going for lunch with Allyson and Gran and going to Loch Lomond Shores.

The next day we hung out with Angus and I had the chance to see my cousins Steven, David, and Marc.

Once I finally felt human again on Wednesday, I took the train into Glasgow to spend a few days with my best friend Jesse.

After getting into the city and dropping off my bag, we headed for a quick coffee at Starbucks before going for a wander around the city.

We then went back to Jesse’s flat for some dinner and Netflix before heading out to an amazing drag show!

The next day we dragged ourselves to a lecture before heading out for the well deserved pints!

That evening we went to a pub quiz where we met some other new friends – Mikey and Casey – who we ended up joining for karaoke at another bar!

The next day we slept in and I had a chill afternoon while Jesse went to work. We ended up just having a relaxed night in to enjoy our last night together.

The next day I took the train to go see my cousin Allan and his girlfriend Hillary for my last night in Scotland. We had a couple of pints and had a relaxed night.

I love Scotland and it’s no question that I will be back in the near future, especially considering how much family I have here!

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