Cox in Cardiff

You know you and your friend are peak Canadian when she meets you in airport arrivals in a Canadian hockey jersey holding a box of timbits!

After getting in super late the night before, Aly headed off to class in the morning while I got caught up on some sleep.

I didn’t do a lot while she was in class – I just wandered down Queen Street and picked up some new jeans that I desperately needed after ripping my last pair.

After Aly finished class, I met up with her and her classmates and we headed over to the Cardiff Winter Wonderland!

We all rode the Ferris wheel and then Aly and I also did the bumper cars because we’re proper adults.

We ended our night with a pint and some Netflix.

The next day, Aly had more class so I headed out to explore on my own.

I started my day at Cardiff Castle which was really cool.

However, the best part was befriending the man who deals with all the birds at the castle. He had three owls and he was so kind as to lift two of them up for me so I could pet them! Owls are my absolute favourite and this was SO cool!

The small owl is Mr. G and the larger owl is Hector!

After wrapping up at the castle I headed out to explore the surrounding area and ended up stumbling up a very cute Christmas market!

I then wandered over to check out the National Museum of Wales in Cardiff because I can never say no to a good museum, especially when it’s free.

After Aly finished class that evening, we took the bus down to go check out the bay and Mermaid Quay.

We then went for a quick pint and to go get Aly a crockpot like the true Canadian she is!

We had a relaxed night in with Netflix because it was chilly and going out again wasn’t high on our list!

For my last day, we took the train out to Caerphilly Castle which is absolutely stunning!

We lucked out with absolutely lovely weather and we had an awesome time looking for dragons and enjoying the #views!

After taking the train back we went to check out the Christmas market again and for another pint.

We also went and rode the carousel that’s in the middle of Queen St. because we are adults.


I had such a lovely time in Cardiff with Aly – it was so nice to have a piece of home for this last leg of my trip. I will definitely be back to Cardiff to see Aly again before she graduates!

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