Cox in Paris

After catching an early flight in from Cardiff, I started the hour commute from the airport to my hostel which was beyond worth it. The hostel is on a canal which is gorgeous!


Once I got checked in, I went and had a nap and a low key evening with dinner at the hostel. I was planning on calling it an early night but then I saw it was snowing so I went out on a (freezing) adventure to see the Eiffel Tower in the snow!


The next day I joined the free walking tour which was excellent as usual! I also got to meet a new friend – Liz from Australia – who I spent the rest of the day with.


After grabbing some lunch we set out to go see the Arc de Triomphe where we also met another new friend, Sam, who I went up the Arc with. Pro tip: I did not know there were stairs up and they are awful and stone and winding so be prepared!


The views from the top were incredible! I have wanted to come up here for years and it was SO worth the wait. We got a miraculously clear day and Paris looked beyond beautiful!

After descending those god awful stairs, the three of us set out to go check out the Eiffel Tower.


We absolutely froze waiting to go up and then froze again at the very top of the tower which was very cool (pun intended)!


After descending from the tower we grabbed a quick crepe before heading over to the Louvre – which has free entry on Friday evenings after 6pm for those under 25 (#blessed).


We went and saw all the main things that you have to see before heading back to our hostel for dinner and an early night.


The next day Liz and I set out early-ish with a list of things we wanted to see for her last day in Paris.

We started our day at Sacre Coeur and then had a wander around the lovely Montmartre and the Christmas market going on there!


That afternoon we headed back to Notre Dame to have a wander around the amazing interior before heading onto Shakespeare & Co. (be still, my bookworm heart) and up to the Pantheon to check out the Marie Curie exhibit!


We also headed to check out another Christmas market before having a relaxed night in at the hostel with some new friends from the U.S. and Canada!



After having breakfast the next day, I headed out with my new Canadian friend Sierra to Musée d’Orsay and Musée de l’Orangerie which were absolutely incredible! I probably could have spent my entire time in Paris at museums and still not have been satisfied.


After getting our museum fill, we went and rode a giant ferris wheel before heading back to the hostel to relax.


That night we had dinner and drinks at the hostel while we played cards. It was fun to ring in my 23rd birthday in Paris six hours before it was my birthday in Canada!


I also met two other ladies who share my December 4th birthday!

The next day was the main reason I came to Paris – to spend my birthday at Euro Disney! It was even more magical than I could ever have dreamed of!


Disney was a perfect day and I don’t think I’ll ever be able to top it when celebrating my birthday in the future!

The next day in classic Sam fashion, I slept away most of the day before going to join Sierra for dinner.

We ended up befriending Matt and heading out to go and see Moulin Rouge and Montmartre all lit up at night.


The next day I headed out with Matt and Theo back to the classic must see sights before we headed back to the hostel for dinner and drinks.


The next day we set out for the Catacombs and to check out some Christmas markets around the city.


When you stay in a hostel, almost every night ends with drinks so of course that’s what we did after a long day of walking around!

The next day it was just down to Theo and I so we did some aimless walking around before ending our night with poutine and the Louvre because we are #cultured.


My last few days in the city weren’t very eventful, but they were some of my favourites – I spent a lot of time aimlessly walking around to enjoy the sun and my last days in Paris before flying back to Canada.


I love Paris and I have no regrets about spending my final two weeks in Europe here. Even with as much time as I spent here, I am 100% certain that I will be back again in the near future.

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